How to Download SHAREit For PC on Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

Sharing is caring whether it’s food or files. File sharing is now a lot easier as SHAREit has developed its system and now available for PC. Unfortunately, some of us are not still aware of it and go through the hassle of data cables or pen drives.

I am here for helping you with this topic. In this article, I will discuss how to download and use SHAREit for PC. But before getting into the part we will learn a little about SHAREit for PC.

What is SHAREit For PC?

I know most of you have already used or still using SHAREit on your Android or iOS devices. But the term SHAREit for PC might should unfamiliar to many of you. Yes, there is a version of SHAREit available for PC!

Basically, this does the same work as its Android or iOS version brothers do. SHAREit for PC allows you to transfer files between PC to any SHAREit runnable devices. It demolished the limitation of the SHAREit that was once only able to share files between two phones. However, with the PC version of SHAREit, it is now possible to share any size file with your PC and phone without looking for a connecting cable or waiting for the internet.

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How does SHAREit work?

You probably think SHAREit works in a complex way, but it is not true. Rather it works straightforwardly. However, SHAREit is unique because it uses Wi-Fi and the Hotspot of devices for sharing files unlike some other file-sharing applications that use Bluetooth, HFC, or internet connections for the purpose.

All the versions SHAREit applications work in pretty much the same way. The receiver devices first create a host server inside the app and then the sender device first searches via Wi-Fi and connect with the server making pair and working as a temporary bridge for the files. This method is known as Wi-Fi direct technology. The files now can be shared between these two paired devices.

Since SHAREit uses both Wi-Fi to share files and sharing speed is a lot faster than Bluetooth or HFC method. Moreover, it is a much more secure and reliable file-sharing process. It is also simpler to connect. You can connect a device with the PC by only allowing it to make the connection. On top of that, the QR code makes SHAREit even more simple and hassle-free for paring.

Features of SHAREit

These are some of the key features of SHAREit PC. Let’s get some detailed explanation.

  • Let You Share in The Most Effortless Way: The core responsibility of SHAREit is to share your files in the simplest way possible. You just have to pair and select the files you want to send and that it!
  • Faster File Sharing: Since SHAREit uses Wi-Fi direct technology, it is way faster than any other Bluetooth or HFC-based approach. Newer versions of SHAREit also use Bluetooth along with Wi-Fi to make file transfers even faster.
  • No More Cables: The days are gone when you have to connect other devices to your PC via USB cable to share or transfer any file. SHAREit PC lets you forget cables for sharing any file.
  • No Need for the Internet: Unlike some other file-sharing applications on the market, SHAREit doesn’t require or depend on any internet connection for file sharing.
  • Much More Secure: SHAREit makes a host server for each pair of connections and not requires any internet connection or third-party involvement which makes it less risky for sharing personal or confidential files.
  • Less Connection Drop: Because using a Wi-Fi-based connection for transferring files, it has a much stronger connection and wider working area than other existing methods. Now, SHAREit also uses Bluetooth beside Wi-Fi to fasten connection and have less connection drop.
  • A Wider Range of File Format Support: With SHAREit, you can send and receive almost all types of files you want.
  • Group Sharing: SHAREit also allows you to share files on several devices at a time. You don’t have to select files again and again and send them one by one!
  • QR Scan: A great feature of SHAREit is the QR code. Every device has a QR code of its own. One can scan the QR with his device and pair it with another device in few taps or vice versa.

How to Download and Install SHAREit on Windows 11/10/8/7 PC and Mac?

In this segment, I will explain the main point of the download process of SHAREit. So stay tuned.

Step 1: Download SHAREit

The very first step is to download SHAREit from any website or their official website. As it is very popular, you shouldn’t face any trouble while finding it.

We always care for your visitors so we are putting a download link below. Just click the link and you will be redirected to the download page. No worries about getting viruses or junk because it is the official website of SHAREit.

Go to visit:

SHAREit official website

Step 2: Permission to Save

Now the next step is depending on your browser and device’s security system. Well, you may get a notification, where you will be asked to permit to download it. Aside from that, you have to select a location on which folder you want it to be downloaded.

If there is no notification of them as default it will be downloaded to the download folder. I also recommend downloading it in the default folder.

Step 3: Open the .exe file

You have to wait for few minutes until the download is over. (Depends on the internet speed) As soon as, it is downloaded you have to go to the download folder or the folder you have selected for download.

There you will see a new file at .exe for (SHAREit.exe). Just double-click the software and follow the next procedures.

Step 4: Finish the Setup

When you will open the software, you will be asked for some permissions again. The setup will ask you to agree with the terms of agreement like any other software. Click on the “Accept” button.

SHAREit for pc setup accept

Same as before you will be asked for the folder it will be installed. Select a particular or keep it by default at Programs/C Drive.

SHAREit for pc install software location

Next, you will see some terms & conditions of SHAREit. Click allow to their condition s and finally click the install button and wait till it is completed.

Now click the Finish button and you will get it on the desktop as a shortcut icon. If you don’t get it search it in the program menu. Click the icon and enjoy SHAREit for PC.

Shareit for PC install finish

Note: The download and installation process is the same for macOS and Windows just the file format will be different.

How to Sharing Files with SHAREit for PC?

Step 1: Open SHAREit On Both Devices

First thing first! Open SHAREit on your computer. Also, run the app on the other device on which you want to transfer or get files.

Step 2: Choose to Send or Receive

After opening SHAREit on your PC and the other device, you will see a ‘Send’ and a ‘Receive’ button. Tap ‘Send’ on the device from which the files are going to be transferred. And tap on the ‘Receive’ button on the device on which you are going to receive the files.

Step 3: For Sending Files

After clicking on ‘Send’ you can select the file paths or simply drag the file into the SHAREit console to add them for sharing. The best part is you can cancel individual files afterward. So no need to panic if any unwanted files have been added mistakenly.

Click next and your device will start looking for a receiver device. When you see the device name on the radar, click on it and the files will start transferring. Note that, you may need to tap ‘Connect to PC’ if you are transferring files from an older version of SHAREit.

Step 4: For Receiving

The receiver device does not require many operations. Just hit the ‘Receive’ button and it will wait for found by the sender device. When the sender finds the receiver device, it will ask permission for receiving those files. Tap ‘Allow’ and the files will start receiving.

Step 5: Using QR

QR is a fast and simple way to connect devices. While on the search step, click QR or Scan icon on both devices and scan the QR to connect faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is SHAREit Safe?

Answer: Yes, there are no complaints from anyone about SHAREit. It is completely safe software and it doesn’t want access to any irrelevant software or system.

You can easily share big or small files using SHAREit safely.

2. What types of files I can share using SHAREit?

Answer:  SHAREit supports a variety of files of almost all formats. You can share app, video, audio, zip, rar, doc, pdf, and others.

3. Is there a Spanish Language Version of SHAREit?

Answer: Gladly informing you, yes there is a Spanish language version available for SHAREit. You can get SHAREit in 39 different languages and they are working for increasing the number.

Final Word:

This content is a complete guideline on SHAREit for PC. I have discussed how to download, install, share files, and others. No worries as it is completely safe and there are no viruses. But I will suggest not to download it from any random site.

Follow my guideline and I hope you will face no problem while downloading SHAREit. Thanks for staying with us.

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