Xender For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS [2023]

To make multiplatform file transfers easier, Xender uses apps that may be downloaded from the iOS or Android market.

Additionally, it is compatible with both Macs and PCs. This program is distinguished from others in that it can establish a connection with a different device without first traveling through a network.

It is possible to exchange any and all types of data, including films, music, and documents produced by office applications.

The Xender for PC will be the topic of today’s in-depth conversation. Let’s continue!

What is Xender for PC?

If you regularly transfer large files from one mobile device to another, Xender is an indispensable tool. 

If you need to transmit files between two devices, Xender is a great option. This handy app quickly and easily transfers files of varying sizes between two devices.

Videos, audio, wallpapers, GIFs, and other media files are all playable within the program. The application is compatible with Windows PCs, Android, and Apple iOS devices. On the other hand, a Mac-specific version is not available.

The Xender allows you to wirelessly link two computers and transfer files without needing a local network (LAN). 

Connecting the Xender for PC to your Android and iPhone is possible, too. As a result, you won’t need a USB cord to transfer data between your computer and mobile device.

Furthermore, there is no cost associated with using this program. Sharing can begin once you establish a connection with adjacent devices. 

Make a quick link to your files and folders on your desktop. Technically speaking, it is cross-platform file transfer software. Therefore you will need to establish a connection to transfer files.

To exchange data between electronic gadgets. Use this popular program to transmit large videos to your friends, share files of any type, and send an unlimited number of files.

Xender for PC Features


The application is a cross-platform tool that enables data transfer from any connected device via the user’s local network connection. 

You can send data to desktop computers and mobile devices running iOS, Android, or tablets. A lightning-fast method for transmitting your videos, photos, or music files to your family or friends in a matter of seconds.

Simple and quick assembly:

The installation of the application is a fairly straightforward and swift process. Navigate to the app’s page within the Windows Store on your device. To obtain this, select the “Get” button. After the application has been successfully installed, you can launch it using the shortcut on your desktop or the Start menu.

The Process of Sharing:

Using the search option, you can identify nearby devices that have the Xender app activated so that you can transfer data between them. Files of any size or quantity can be transferred.

You can access it on your personal computer through a web interface after transferring directly from your mobile device using either of two alternate ways. 

You can also begin by downloading the BlueStacks add-on for your computer to simulate the Android software packages.

Discard Your Cables:

You can skip the extra steps of plugging in a USB cable to transmit data across gadgets. Because Xender uses wireless connections to transfer data, this is the case.

Transferring without utilizing the Internet or data:

When transferring files from one device to another, Xender PC uses the technology known as WiFi Direct rather than the device’s internet or data connection.

Sharing in Groups:

If you want to transfer and receive the same files with several devices at the same time using Xender, you may do so by creating a group or joining an existing one.

Allows for an Unlimited Number of Files:

You can send files of any size using Xender Download for PC to move files around your computer. You are not restricted by the file size when using Xender for Windows PC.

Supported Languages:

A localized version of Xender for Windows PC is available in various languages. It presently supports approximately 32 languages, which enables users from all over the world to download it.

Interface That Is Friendly to Users:

Because of its straightforward design and user-friendly layout, the Xender PC program does not require the usage of an installation guide or manual.

How to Download and Install Xender on Windows & Mac PC?

Now we are going to discuss the most awaited thing: how to download and install Xender for PC. As you know, Xender File Sharing Team company has developed Xender for only mobile users. Unfortunately, Xender is compatible with only iOS and Android device users. It has no official native version for PC users. In this case, we need to take the help of an Android emulator.

An Emulator that allows running Android Apps on your PC from Google Play Store same as mobile app installation.

There are many free emulators available for desktop PC and Mac on the internet such as the most popular BlueStacks, LDPlayer, Memu Player, NoxPlayer, and many more. But we recommended you, use the best Android emulator Bluestacks. It is one of the most popular and widely used Android emulators.

Let’s have a look at the step-by-step procedure for downloading and installing the app on your PC.

  1. Download and Install Bluestacks from their official website: https://www.bluestacks.com/
  2. Go to the Play Store. Now, for the first time, you need to log in to the Play Store with Gmail. Then, you get the home page of the Play Store.
  3.  Search and install. Now, to install the app, follow the installation method same process in the play store on the Android phone. Search the Xender app >> Click on the install button >> Open the app.
Install Xender on Windows & Mac PC


What is the Xender app?

Apps for both mobile and desktop platforms, Xender makes file sharing a pleasure. The new version of Bluetooth has four times the range of its predecessor and significantly increased capacity, but not all devices are equipped with the updated Bluetooth technology.

What about Xender — is it preferable than SHAREit?

Both Xender and SHAREit are lauded for their rapid file sharing. In reality, according to SHAREit, its top transfer rate is 20MB per second. However, Xender’s top rate is closer to 40MB/s.

Is it safe to use Xender?

Information and files you send using certain Xender services may be viewed, collected, or used by other users of those services.


Xender lets you share data wirelessly between two PCs without a LAN. Transmission speed is quick compared to LAN and Bluetooth.

Xender for PC may send any file between linked devices. A desktop shortcut can be made for easy file sharing on a mobile device or desktop PC. Switch between dark and light modes while sending videos to neighboring devices. 

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