Geeni App for PC – Run on Windows/macOS in 2023

The Geeni app for PC makes it easy for you to operate all of your Geeni smart home appliances, including fans, lightbulbs, and more. In addition, this program allows you to alter the color of the light and create dim or full light, even in Geeni color bulbs.

Everything has advanced considerably in this day and age. People are genuinely following the trends, and their living standards have increased. For Geeni devices, it offers an app that will enable you to quickly toggle all of your content.

It’s not difficult to comprehend how to use this program. It is fairly simple to understand. Each smart home gadget has its own section in the app, making it simple and practical to control.

Today’s in-depth discussion will be about the Geeni PC app. Let’s go forward!

What is the Geeni App for PC?

The Geeni app for PC is a slowly varying app that enables users to easily control and switch all of their Geeni smart home appliances and devices. Users have access to control of everything via their smartphones. This makes the Geeni app for PC a must-have app in today’s modern age.

Geeni is free Android software that enables direct control of Geeni smart home appliances from your phone. Several smart home devices can be connected to and managed using a single app. No matter where you are in the world, you can control gadgets thanks to this.

Geeni can be used for various things, including turning gadgets on or off or adjusting other variables like light bulb strength or color. 

To get started, all you have to do is link your smart gadget to your phone and connect it to the WiFi network at your house. Millions of people have downloaded the Geeni app, which enables users to remotely operate their smart home appliances.

Geeni for PC: Features

The best features of this program are listed below; check them out as well.

  • The app makes it simple for you to control smart home appliances.
  • Thanks to this app’s first function, you can regulate all bulbs with your fingertips.
  • Other family members can access the devices available in your smart home under your supervision.
  • This Geeni pc program also allows scheduling if you forget to switch off the gadget while using it.
  • You can access these devices using a user ID and passcode using a cloud-based system, which works with any device.
  • Anywhere in the world, logging on or off is simple.
  • Weight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Basal Metabolic Rate, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat Grade, and other measurements are all trackable with Smart Health products, and they may be tracked on the app or synced to Microsoft Health.
  • Plan when things turn on and off to provide you with more control and security by creating smart scenes for automated actions.
  • HealthKit capability for our new Smart Scale: connect your health information with Microsoft Health!

Additional Features

Consequently, these are a few of its better qualities, and I hope you like them. In addition, more features are offered there than elsewhere. Check out Geeni, one of the top apps for managing Geeni smart home devices.

Simple Control

Controls on the app are easy to use and straightforward, allowing you to program smart devices to work how you want them to. For instance, changing the color of an LED bulb, dimming a lightbulb, or turning a plug on or off are all simple tasks.

Track Energy Usage

Real-time energy consumption tracking is possible with the Geeni app, which is connected to various electronic gadgets. Keep an eye on your utilization and turn your devices on or off as necessary.

Device Grouping

One of the best features of the Geeni app is the ability to combine numerous devices. For instance, you could group all the smart home devices in a certain room together. Then, if no one is present in the room, you may rapidly turn off all the devices with this, saving energy.

Automate Actions

This tool might be quite beneficial if you regularly turn on or off specific devices in your home. Simply specify a turn-on or turn-off time for a particular device or for a group of devices using the app to automate them. For example, automatically turning on the lights in the evenings would be one of the best uses. When it’s time to leave your house, you might also turn off all the lights.

Account Sharing

You can also grant your friends, relatives, and roommates access to your account. This gives you the option to choose which device you want to share with them for control

The Benefits of Using the Geeni App for PC

  • It is simple to set up
  • Understanding and employing it are not challenging.
  • Even at night, its photos are crystal clear.
  • It’s a cost-free app.
  • You can turn off appliances across your home without having to move, which is convenient.

The Geeni App’s Shortcomings

  • Automation possibilities are not plentiful enough.
  • Depending on the available WiFi data, it occasionally experiences connectivity issues.
  • Not all cameras can be seen at once.
  • There can be heavy battery usage.

How to Download and Install Geeni on Windows & Mac PC?

Now we are going to discuss the most awaited thing: how to download and install Geeni App for PC. As you know, Trilliarden company has developed Geeni for only mobile users. Unfortunately, Geeni is compatible with only iOS and Android device users. It has no official native version for PC users. In this case, we need to take the help of an Android emulator.

An Emulator that allows running Android Apps on your PC from Google Play Store same as mobile app installation.

There are many free emulators available for desktop PC and Mac on the internet such as the most popular BlueStacks, LDPlayer, Memu Player, NoxPlayer, and many more. But we recommended you, use the best Android emulator Bluestacks. It is one of the most popular and widely used Android emulators.

Let’s have a look at the step-by-step procedure for downloading and installing the app on your PC.

  1. Download and Install Bluestacks from their official website:
  2. Go to the Play Store. Now, for the first time, you need to log in to the Play Store with Gmail. Then, you get the home page of the Play Store.
  3.  Search and install. Now, to install the app, follow the installation method same process in the play store on the Android phone. Search the Geeni app >> Click on the install button >> Open the app.How to Download & Install Geeni App for PC


Is It Possible to View My Geeni Camera Online?

The Geeni app indeed allows you to access your gadgets from anywhere. Your mobile device and Geeni devices must, however, be linked to the same network during installation (WiFi).

Geeni Works With What, Exactly?

Just add your outlet using the Geeni app, then connect. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana from Microsoft are also compatible.

Without WI-FI, Can Geeni App for PC Records?

Geeni won’t function because the items must be connected to WiFi to be used remotely; hence the answer is no.

Bottom Line 

The capabilities of the Geeni app for computers are unquestionably impressive while also being quite easy to use. This is a cutting-edge app that unquestionably fills a huge need among young people.

The functions that come with this software are highly diverse. It’s fun to use, and you’ll like it. Gratitude to you for reading this article. In the days to come, we hope you will find this post about the Geeni app for PC beneficial.

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