How To Delete UPS Account? New Guide in 2023

Do you use your UPS account less than before? Do you want to delete UPS account? But do you need help understanding how to do it? This article will be the perfect step-by-step guide for you with marked screenshots. Let’s go!

What is UPS?

UPS is the leading package delivery services and supply chain management company that provides regional product delivery services. Users may use the website to establish and change their account information, check the status of their package, make a cargo online, calculate the cost of their shipment, and offer air and ocean freight services.

Your UPS account is a personal account you set up to manage your shipments. You may use your account to check previous shipments, track items, and generate shipping labels. You may also set up automated shipment alerts to follow the progress of your items as they travel through the shipping process.

Why Should You Delete UPS Account?

You should delete UPS account for several reasons. Among the possible causes are:

  • If you no longer need UPS to send or receive packages, you should close your UPS account to avoid being charged for things you don’t need.
  • You should delete your UPS account if you want to keep your UPS personal information private.
  • If you have more than one UPS account, delete the ones you no longer use to avoid confusion and ensure you use the most up-to-date account.

What Happens If You Delete UPS Account?

If you delete UPS account, you won’t be able to use any of the services or see any of the information that goes with it. This includes information about shipping or tracking, billing or payment, and any other information or preferences connected to your account. You will also lose account-related privileges or prizes, such as discounts or special offers.

It’s important to know that deleting your UPS account is permanent and can’t be undone. It is suggested that you cancel any current shipments or services and recover any vital information or documents related to your account before closing it. If you’re unsure if you want to delete your account, you should deactivate it. If you subsequently change your mind, you may reactivate the account.

  • Your UPS account will be deleted.
  • All your information will be deleted, including contacts, stored addresses, payment choices, and delivery preferences.
  • UPS will save your transaction records.

How to Delete UPS Account via the Website?

  1. Login to your UPS account.
  2. Tap on your profile icon.How to Delete UPS Account via the Website
  3. Then tap on the My Information option.How to Delete UPS Account via the Website
  4. Now click on the Delete My User ID And Profile option.How to Delete UPS Account via the Website
  5. Then tap on Yes, Delete My Profile.How to Delete UPS Account via the Website
  6. Then your profile has been deleted.How to Delete UPS Account via the Website

How to Delete UPS Account via Mail?

  1. How to delete UPS account via the Mail?
  2. Open your registered email account
  3. Then click on Compose.
  4. Write an email to [email protected].
  5. Now On the subject, type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT.”Delete your account through email
  6. Write an email requesting the company remove your UPS account from their database and click on “Send.”

Frequently Asked Questions – UPS Account

Does UPS delete inactive?

Follow these steps to delete UPS account. UPS, which stands for “United Parcel Service,” is an American company that delivers and ships packages. How to Close a Profile: If you don’t use your account for 14 months, it will be erased.

How Do I Recover My Account Details?

Go to the “Reset or Recover Your Login Settings” page if you can’t access your online account. You may then use your email address to reset your password and user ID and get access to your account.

If you try to get into your account too many times and get locked out, you will have to wait 30 minutes before you can try again. You can ask for help from customer service, but they will only be capable of doing something once the security lock period is over.

What’s the account number for UPS?

Whether you have an individual or a business account, your UPS account number is a six-digit number that lets UPS know who you are. UPS can keep track of invoices and payments by giving each account a unique number. This also helps resolve customer problems and fix mistakes on both sides of the customer-UPS relationship.

Do I have to pay for an account with UPS?

Does it cost money to keep an account with UPS? No, having a UPS account doesn’t cost anything. You may create one on the UPS website for free, and you will only be charged when you purchase shipping labels and send products. There is no charge per month or year.

Can many people use the same UPS account number?

When many persons coordinate shipments, a UPS account may have up to five authorized users, making it more straightforward for firms to distribute things. You’ll have to set this up ahead of time so they can use the account.

Final Words

A UPS account may simplify shipping items by giving you access to features such as receiving payments and weekly invoicing. Your shipments will be assigned a six-digit account number, and your invoices will be viewable online. You may also schedule collections and simplify your shipping choices by picking defaults that suit you.

This guide explains how to Delete UPS account. We will take every action to ensure that you understand this tutorial. We hope you like this article. Please stay in touch if you need help with anything.

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