Want Google Home App for PC? How to use on your Desktop

Technology is the only thing that makes our life easier than before. The main task of technology is to make everything easy and Scientists are trying to use Artificial Intelligence in different types of devices so that the device can make its own decision or can have the ability to recognize what you want right now from the device.

Google Home is a fantastic device from tech giant Google. They used powerful Artificial Intelligence in the device. First of all, it is a speaker device that looks very handsome. It can answer your questions by analyzing different types of data from the internet and can also follow some of your commands properly.

Let’s talk about the Google Home App for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac) which is an essential app to control the device. With the help of this app, you can control and set up the device. After a successful setup, you can use the device to control different types of lights, television, speaker, camera, and lots of things.

Features of Google Home App

Google home already reached lots of houses. People like its amazing features very much that’s why maximum people nowadays want to have google home in their houses. Let’s talk about the awesome features of the app.

Features of Google Home App
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You can hear all kinds of notifications in google home which you get from various types of apps on your phone. There is another option to select an app. So, you can restrict apps that you don’t want to get notifications

Digital Wellbeing:

Digital Wellbeing helps you to get a report about the usage of different applications on your phone. That means you can get a report about how much time and which app you use on your phone in a day. You can also set a time limit for the different types of apps you use. So, that you cannot waste your time using various types of apps.


Everybody has a daily routine, and you have also. You can tell your routine to google home. It will notify you about every task you do every day which is very helpful because there is no chance to miss any task. It will tell you to complete your task at the proper time.

Nest Wifi:

Nest Wifi helps you to get a strong wifi connection in every corner of your home. You just need to plug in a network cable into it. You can manage Nest Wifi user name passwords and additional settings by google home.

Nest Aware:

Nest Aware is a paid feature of google home. If you subscribe to it you will be notified on every occasion, which could be a national occasion or a family occasion. It will notify you of the exact day and time.


Just think in your house you all have your personal google home. You want to say something to all the family members. No need to walk through their room to say that. Just command it to your Google Home.

It will broadcast your voice to every google home you have in your house. In the early morning, you want all the members of your family to wake up. Just say “Ok Google, broadcast it’s time to wake up ”. Google Home will play alarmed in every room in which you have the device.

Hands-Free Call:

The hands-free call is an amazing feature of Google Home. You can just say the name of your contact whom you want to call. Suppose you want to call your brother whose name is “Mike” and you saved his number as “Mike” on your contact list. You just need to say “Call Mike”, and it will automatically make a call to “Mike” for you.

Lost phone detection:

Sometimes we lost our phone inside our home, and we cannot find it. Here is an easy solution for google homeowners. You just need to say “Find my phone”. Within a while, your phone will start ringing loudly.


Google home not only knows English. It also knows Japanese, French, Italian, and German languages as well.

Finding People & Services:

Sometimes you need to search for various types of people or services for your household work or business issues. Suppose you need a plumber today. Just tell it to your Google Home.

It will search for the best one near you. On the other hand, if you face any problem in your business issue and you need a lawyer then tell Google Home that you need a lawyer for your business issues. It will search for the best person according to your problems.

Additional Features:

  • Play white noise while you fall asleep.
  • Control your smart home.
  • Remind yourself to work out.
  • Switch your device to night mode.
  • Turn the TV on and off.
  • Ask it to tell you a story.
  • Speak in different languages.
  • Find plumbers, handymen, or local businesses to help around the house.
  • Get help in the kitchen.

Google Home App Details

Google Home App icon
App NameGoogle Home
Size63 MB
VersionCurrent Version
Google Play linkGoogle Home
Reviews Rating4.0
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Requires Android6.0 and up
Last UpdatedYesterday

How to Download and Install Google Home for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC and Mac

People like different devices. Some people love to use mobile for completing tasks and some like computers. That’s why people always ask that if they can download and install google home on their PC.

  1. You have to download and install an Android emulator like BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, MEmu, etc on your computer to run google home on your computer. Here we install on BlueStacks!
  2. After downloading and installing BlueStacks, you need to login in. Then you need to search for the Google Home app on the emulator and install it. Google Home App open on Bluestacks
  3. Now, You can see the get started icon. Click Get Started, and it will take you to the Login page! Google Home Login page on Bluestacks
  4. Choose your email account to sign in to your account.
  5. After completing the login process, you will get full access to Google Home! Google Home App use on Bluestacks

How to Get the Google Home app on Mac?

Getting Google Home App on macOS is the same method as how it was shown above for desktop Windows PC. The only difference is the version of BlueStacks. You have to need to download the operating system of Mac.

How To Connect Google Home With Windows PC (Chromecast )?

There are some different ways to connect Google Home with Windows PC. You can connect it with the help of Chromecast. Now you may have the question in your mind, What is Chromecast?


It is a powerful gadget which is built by tech giant Google. It allows users to transmit data from a connected device to any TV or HDMI cable to monitor seamlessly. It’s also an economical alternative to numerous TVs or monitors.

You may even take it to the road, like the Airbnb in the highlands or hotel rooms. Moreover, you may utilize Chromecast instead of buying a new “smart TV,” for a fraction of the cost to experience identical streaming features.

Some variants of Chromecast were produced, but they all function in the same way. This may be done to stream from a mobile phone, tablet, or other device or to connect to Chromecast using the installed Google Chrome software from a laptop or computer.

Are you want to learn about Chromecast?
Check here: Chromecast built-in Help

What’s Chromecast Will Do?

Chromecast sends data from a connected laptop, PC, or mobile device over your WiFi network for viewing films, pictures, media apps, or the screen of your device.

You can link with Chromecast and project the video for everyone when you see a YouTube video on your portfolio and want to share it on the family TV.

In essence, it produces a “reflection” of your PC or laptop display of your linked monitor or TV.

Connecting Process of Google Home With Chromecast?

It receives data over a wifi connection and can play any kind of media on another display like TV. Let’s discuss the connection setup of Google home Chromecast using Windows PC.

  1. You need to connect the Chromecast device to your television or display through the HDMI port. Then you need to install the google home app on your mobile to connect it to the wireless network and set up the Chromecast to make it ready for use.
  2. Now you need to open your windows PC and need to open the Google Chrome browser.
  3. You can see a three-dot menu button on the top right side of your chrome browser. Click on that and you can see some options, “Cast” is one of them. chrome browser cat option
  4. Click on the cast menu, and it will start searching for your Chromecast device on your network that is available for casting. After completing of the search you can see the name of your Chromecast there, just click on it to connect with your browser. Choose the device you would like to cast to
  5. Now, you are ready to use it. So, why late? Start playing your favorite media file.

How to use the Google Home app on Chromebook

If you have a Chromebook, it will be a better option to run the Google Home app functionality.

I think It’s best because when you will run Android applications on Chromebook, it utilizes a similar network to which your Chromebook is connected.

To set this up, simply open Chromebook Settings > select Apps, and then tap Turn On button from the Google Play Store area.

Using Google Home on Chromebook

After enabling Chromebook settings, now you can install the Google Home app from Google Play Store on your Chromebook. Once you have installed it, open the Google Home application and it will work the way it works on mobile devices. Including casting on any Cast-enabled device on your network.

How To Pair Google Home Mini To Laptop via Bluetooth?

Do you know that you can use your google home mini as a speaker for your laptops? It’s really possible to connect it to your computer. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step procedure for connecting Google Home Mini to a Laptop via Bluetooth.

  1. First of all, you need to go to Google Home and find out the device you want to connect with your laptop.
  2. Now you need to enable Bluetooth pairing mode.
  3. After that, you can see an option named “Ready to Pair” and then “Connect to office speaker”.
  4. Now open the Bluetooth settings on your computer and click on add a new device. You will get a device named “Office Speaker” click on it and your device will be connected. pair Google Home Mini with laptop
  5. This is the easiest and only way to connect your google home mini with a windows computer via Bluetooth.


1. Is Google home can record my daily conversations?

Answer: It starts working when you say “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google”. So, we can say that it records your conversation after that. There is a privacy setting in google home. You can stop recording your audio data and also can turn off the microphone.

2. Is it possible to turn on the TV using google home?

Answer: Yes you can turn on your TV using voice commands. To use this feature your television must need to have the HDMI-CEC feature installed and turn on. If it is installed and turned on properly then you can on your television using voice commands from google home.

3. How is it possible to control smart lights using google home?

Answer: It is really possible to control smart lights using google home. Just connect your light with the app and after that, you will be able to control the light using your voice command.

4. Do I need google home for every room in my house?

Answer: It totally depends on your choice. People use google home in which room they pass their time in every day. As an example, If you cook for your family every day then you can keep one in your kitchen. It will help you in various ways.

5. Which is better, Alexa or Google home mini?

Finally, a better digital assistant truly is dependent on your environment. We recommend you purchase the Google Home Mini if you have and use an Android phone.

If, however, you are an iOS user, Alexa will perform the work properly, and Alexa will be able to connect to your account in Apple Music.

Final Words

We know that technology making our life easier day by day. Google home is one of the best examples among them. This is a very small and portable device that can assist us in many ways and also can save valuable time as well. To keep yourself updated with the latest technology, you just need to have google home in your house.

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